Thursday, March 22

The CHEQUERS INN, Wisbech St. Mary

On the morning of 21-3-07 I met with my friend Joan for our usual Wednesday sketch day together. The icy weather was no deterrent for us as we headed towards Wisbech St Mary in Cambridgeshire. Our destination for the day was Peckover House in Wisbech, however, knowing that the house did not open it's doors until midday, we took advantage of the slip road opposite The Chequers Inn in Tholomas Drove and sketched in the comfort of Joan's car on our way.
As the clock approached midday we headed towards Peckover House...


Anonymous said...

Sensible bunch, that Parish Council! I can see how that pen flows nicely in the way you've drawn the trees. I think I'll have to wait until I need to replace one of the many pens I already have before I get another one, though! Will we get to see some of the sketches from Peckover House too?

Anita said...

You most certainly will Dave, just working on the article and scanning the sketches now...Easier said than done with my large Venezia sketchbook!
BTW...Will you be watching the VanGogh/Gaugin film this evening?...Channel 4 I believe at 9pm, should be good!