Sunday, March 18

13th WW Sketchcrawl - Chatteris Museum

Saturday the 17th marked the date for the 13th Worldwide Sketchcrawl when Artists from all over the world meet up and sketch for the day.

I met up with some members of the Fenland Visual Arts Collective in Chatteris where, thanks to Jenny Furlong, we spent the day sketching in Chatteris Museum. We were also joined by Emma-Jane Rosenberg (E-J from Wet Canvas) Emma-Jane is a warm, friendly woman who fitted right in from the start, we all had a wonderful day together.
Rob Morris kindly supplied hot drinks at his home and a place to lunch (Thankyou Rob!). We stopped by The Old Bakery Cafe on the way there to purchase some delicious cakes.

I decided to use a Hahnemuhle Travel Booklet 9x14cm Portrait. I purchased this from the SAA where, as a member, I paid a mere £1.75 and to my surprise discovered it was a duo pack...That's under 90p each! Each booklet contains 20 pages of unlined 140gsm sketch paper and there is a pocket at the rear of the booklet. The cover is soft and natural in appearance allowing you to write/sketch on it. I thought it would be fun to title the cover and then try to fill half the booklet for this sketchcrawl then turn the booklet over and do the same for the 14th Worldwide sketchcrawl. This meant I had 20, 3.5x 5.5" pages to fill...Quite the challenge but one I am happy to say I achieved!

The booklet performed well with the various media I used throughout the day: Derwent watercolour pencils, Derwent drawing pencils, Lyra portrait coloured pencils, W&N watercolour, Verithin coloured pencils, sepia pitt pen and staedtler pigment liner....although I must stress minimal amounts of water were used, modestly applied with a brush pen.

Here are the results, my day from beginning to end, in sketch:

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Some of the worldwide results can be viewed HERE


E-J said...

Whoa, 12 hours of sketching! Go you!

I was v.impressed when you started drawing the cakes. And I still really like your 5-min landscape.

Which pencils did you use for the cell door? The texture is just right.

Those Hannemuhle booklets look great for recording an entire trip's worth of sketches. Might have to do some shopping ...

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun day! I only managed one sketch...must try to do better in the next one.

Serena said...

Hi Anita,

I'm impressed! You were very prolific for the time frame and what lovely work too. Did you add the colour at home?

Anita said...

Hi E-J!
Ahhh yes...the cakes! Weren't they scrummy!
I used Derwent drawing pncils for the door, glad you feel I caught the texture.
I was really impressed by the booklets, they also do a hard backed version with the same paper inside that looks very much like a moleskin for a fraction of the price.
Thanks for popping in...Have you posted your efforts online anywhere I can view them?
Ooooh and don't forget to mail me one for the FenVAC blog!

Anita said...

It was a great day Dave!
I'm sure I just commented on your sketch in the Wet Canvas Sketchcrawl that you?
One is better than none at all Dave!

Anita said...

Thankyou Serena!
I did colour a couple of the sketches back at home using photographs I took on the day and I coloured the cakes from memory (Couldn't forget how they looked easily!).
The portrait page was randomly brushed with colour before I left the house in the morning to add interest to whatever I sketched on that page during the day.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm the same person!

MrsSnowy said...

Fantastic effort, Anita. These are just gorgeous. I had a chuckle at the lamp post captured on the way home. You must have been on pure adrenaline by then :) And I see you have succumbed to the Lyra Portrait pencils.

Anita said...

Ahhh, thought so Dave - Thanx!

Anita said...

Thankyou Robyn.
Not sure if it was adrenaline or desperation...I had a goal and I just had to fill those 20 pages!!!
The lyra pencils are very nice but limited in colours which is a shame. They complimet the derwent drawing pencils nicely though, which have a much wider range of colour choice, and make for good natural toned sketches.