Monday, February 4

Location 2008

Tesco Cafe, March, Cambridgeshire.

I seem to be spending so much time with my sketchbooks and journals these days and with my new job as an illustrated columnist, sharing my journal pages with the local community, I'm sure I'll be spending more time with them this year as well.
So, after much thought, I have decided to put all of my location sketches in my original blog this year, along with my daily journal pages and finished artworks.
Hopefully this will make my daily updates easier to navigate and follow for those of you who kindly take your time skipping from one blog to another and also for any new comers.

Click here to view just the 2008 Location Sketches.

Click here to view all of the blog entries.

Thank you all so much for hitching along with me on my travels through this blog during 2007, I hope you will come along for the ride this year too!

Friday, January 25

WISBECH, Cambridgeshire. UK

Another sketch created inside the truck, this time while I waited for a better parking position.

Monday, January 21

TESCO CAFE, March,Cambridgeshire. UK

A couple of 60 second portraits while sipping latte in Tesco Cafe this morning.

Wednesday, January 16

ROYAL BRITISH LEGION, Manea, Cambridgeshire.

Quick sketch, my first location sketch of the year, from the car park while waiting for my Yoga class to begin.

Thursday, January 10

17th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

The date has been set for the 17th Worldwide sketch crawl

Saturday 19th january 2008

To find others taking part in your area visit

Saturday, December 15

Monday, December 10

Wednesday, December 5


These are the sketches I made in my journal today at Hinchingbrooke hospital where my Son, Harry, had to have dental surgery.
You can see the entire journal page and read all about our day HERE.

Monday, December 3

SPIKE & VIOLET, March, Cambridgeshire. UK

Arrived a little early for my hair appointment today, leaving me time to sketch another customer before taking the 'Hot Seat'.

DODDINGTON HOSPITAL, Doddington, Cambridgeshire. UK

The waiting room corridor of the Doddington hospital physio department. I arrived 5 minutes early and he was 5 minutes late...resulting in 10 minutes to sketch!

Friday, November 30

TESCO, March, Cambridgeshire. UK

This is a page from my journal today, which includes another morning sketch session at Tesco.

Tuesday, November 27


A trip to the health centre at Hinchingbrooke hospital yesterday resulted in this sketch of the dental desk while Harry and I waited for his appointment. The desks are scattered all over the huge building, each catering for different areas and each swarming the people that sit behind them.
The desk should probably have been a little deeper in my sketch, I think a person would have trouble fitting their whole body in the area I provided even while seated but I wanted to emphasise their design as I find them more than a little amusing!

Monday, November 19


Took Harry, my youngest, to his dental appointment today and managed to make a couple of sketches while I waited. The first sketch was created in the waiting room and the second was created while the dentist tended to Harry.
Both sketches kind of rolled into one another, which I quite like.
No time for messing around, we only had a few moments wait in the waiting room and then, once in with the dentist, it wasn't long before I had to leave so Harry could be x-rayed.
Therefore, I made notes and added the colour on my return home.

Saturday, November 17


Indulged in a little Christmas shopping at The Grafton Centre in Cambridge today and took my small watercolour moleskin along for the all essential coffee breaks!