Monday, November 19


Took Harry, my youngest, to his dental appointment today and managed to make a couple of sketches while I waited. The first sketch was created in the waiting room and the second was created while the dentist tended to Harry.
Both sketches kind of rolled into one another, which I quite like.
No time for messing around, we only had a few moments wait in the waiting room and then, once in with the dentist, it wasn't long before I had to leave so Harry could be x-rayed.
Therefore, I made notes and added the colour on my return home.


Anonymous said...

I like this very much, such an unusual subject. What did the dentist say when he knew he was to be immortalised?

Joan said...

I like your way of combining two sketches into one. Did the dentist mind that you were sketching him?

Sandy said...

Nice sketchbook images.


caseytoussaint said...

You are incredible - you seem to turn every occasion into a reason to make art. I must remember to stop by more often - you always inspire me!

Sandy said...

Glad Harry is feeling better, and the impromptu sketches are great ways to capture memories- my favorites!

phthaloblu said...

You are too awesome. These are great!