Monday, August 13

ELY, Cambridgeshire. UK

Summer 2007 journal

A day trip with my Niece and Son to Ely resulted in a little shopping after seeking refreshments in Starbucks. I visited Tindalls stationers who stock many art materials and I purchased a W&N tube of Terre Verte watercolour and a sketchbook, with a canvas cover that you paint yourself, which was on sale for £1.99...Bargain!

We had lunch at The Maltings before stopping on the green alongside the river where I found time to make a quick sketch of The Kings School Boat Club.

Summer 2007 journal


Brian said...

You're pretty good at this sketching business, knowing just what to put in and what to leave out to create a sketch that is simple enough to produce rapidly, but detailed enough to clearly see all the essential features. I hope you occasionally work some sketches into complete paintings. Paintings done from life tend to be more full of life than ones done from photographs, as so many artists do nowadays.

Keep up the good work!

Robyn said...

I suddenly realised I hadn't seen what you've been up to for days, Anita. I should have known - you've been being a great Mum! I do hope you are going to post the cover of that new sketchbook when you have painted it! Lovely sketches as usual - you make the ordinary special.

Joan said...

I love both sketches. You really let us see what you're up to. Glad you got a bargain on that sketchbook. It should look great with your own sketch on the cover.

"Maggie" said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind comments about our daughter. I've really enjoyed looking through your journal and I too am a Starbucks fan!

Sandy said...

I am always drawn to these light quick, colorful sketches with so much energy - Great entries

phthaloblu said...

I have to agree with what Brian said. And these are just fantastic sketches as always.habanero