Monday, June 4

BELTON HOUSE, Lincolnshire. UK

Part of the water feature at the rear of the house opposite the fountain and orangery.

My latest trip out with my sketchbook was at the weekend when I travelled for just under two hours to reach Belton House, one of the finest 17th century country houses in Britain.

Built between 1685 and 1688 for Sir John Brownlow, the 3rd Baron of Great Humby, Belton stands in thousands of acres of parkland. The 3rd Earl Brownlow restored the house in the 1870s. Through marriage the property passed into the hands of the Cust family. John Cust was created Earl Brownlow and Viscount Alford in 1815.
The 7th Baron Brownlow gave Belton to The National Trust in 1984.

1 2
(1)One of the many stone garden decorations situated at the rear of the house in formal setting close to the fountain and orangery (2)

Queen Adelaide stayed here and has a room named after her, King George III was entertained here and Edward VIII often stayed here before his abdication.
The author Edith Wharton was so taken by Belton House that she had a miniature version of it built in Massachusetts.

Belton has been used as a setting for many television series and dramas including 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Tom Jones', 'The Buccaneers' and 'Bleak House'.

The Chapel - Sketched from the balcony area where a cosy arrangement of upholstered chairs are situated.
The Chinese Room - Bed canopy.
The Chinese Room is the room in which Edward VIII liked to stay when he visited Belton, sleeping in the mid 19th century bed with its glazed chintz hangings.
This was the first time using my handbag sketch kit in a National Trust property. I have previously used my A4 Venezia sketchbook but could rarely sketch inside the properties because there is no seating for visitors and the book is too large to balance, hence missing out on sketching all those gorgeous, ornate interiors!
I decided something needed to change on my return from Wimpole Hall last week, so I took two brush pens, a pigment liner and an A6 spiral bound W&N sketchbook into Belton House with me and created the two monochrome sketches above.
My kit worked beautifully, the A6 was easy to hold, even with my sketch bag on my shoulder and the brush pens filled with ink added a little tone instantly, just what I was hoping for.
I created the colour sketches in the gardens directly into my A4 Venezia as usual and on my return home I tore out the interior sketches from the W&N, mounted them on black paper and stuck them into my A4 Venezia. They look great and everything is all together, just as I like it!
More information on this property:
Heritage Trail


SCquiltaddict said...

Lovely make me want to grab my passport, pack my suitcase and hop on a plane!! what great scenery where you are...

caseytoussaint said...

Thank you for taking us on a tour of Belton House with you - I'm with Maggie- it makes me want to go there in person. Your sketches are really wonderful - as always.

Joannie said...

What a wonderful productive time you had at Belton House - must have been because I wasnt there with you nattering away together.Next NT visit we make together lets take some sticky tape along!!!????

Joan said...

These are lovely and I enjoy your commentary on the area you're sketching. I'm impressed with how many sketches you can complete in a visit. It's encouraging me to do more.

good with color said...

It's so wonderful seeing these places through your eyes. My sister in law has a British background, her mother's family. Her mom is here now, and I would love her to see your sketchbook, if that would be all right.

Beautiful work!


Lynn said...

These are wonderful! I really enjoy your architectural drawings. Your sense of perspective is perfect.

Africantapestry said...

Anita, your work is so delicate, yet so strong in technique and description, filled with beauty and I always feel care and love radiating from them, as though you just loved every mark you put on the paper. I enjoy all your work.

Anonymous said...

Great sketches; looks like a lovely spot.

laserone said...

You are so lucky to have such rich history so close by. What a beautiful place that is, and your sketches are wonderful!

phthaloblu said...

Simply beautiful sketches.

Anita said...

Thankyou Margaret. We do have some beautiful historic buildings here, I am really enjoy my National Trust membership.

Anita said...

Thankyou Casey, it's great to have all you lovely people to share these places and trips with!

Anita said...

LOL...Us talk?...NEVER!!! :)

Anita said...

Thankyou Joan, so pleased you find my blog encouraging. I think the key to filling as many pages as possible on a trip is to sketch whatever is infront of you whenever you get the chance to stop. Often what's infront of you seems so ordinary but has a hidden beauty all of it's own if given the right amount of attention. ;)

Anita said...

Thankyou Ashleigh, so pleased you are enjoying my little adventures. Please, feel free to share them with whomever you wish, I'm flattered you would want to do so! :)

Anita said...

Thankyou Lynn, really appreciate your kind comments!

Anita said...

You've no idea what your comment means to me, it's the whole reason I started sketching/painting from life at the end of last year. I wanted my work to express emotion, passion, how I was feeling at the time, what I felt about the subject I was working with.
I love historical architecture, I'm passionate about it and I am thrilled you feel that shows in my work!

Anita said...

Thanx Dave. It was a beautiful spot, I was surrounded by focal points, it's was very difficult decicing which to capture.

Anita said...

Thankyou so much Laser. Since travelling around with my sketchbooks I am appreciating my country in a whole different way...It is beautiful!

Anita said...

Thankyou Phthaloblu!