Wednesday, May 9

DISNEYLAND PARIS - Day 1 - 03/05/07

Pigment liner and watercolour pencil in W&N Artist journal

I finally got to bed just after 1am on Thursday morning and was woken again just after 2am by my Niece who had been suffering through the day with a stomach ache which had woken her. She settled down with me and we managed to grab a couple more hours sleep before the alarm sounded it's painful tune in my ear. I consumed as much coffee as was humanly possible and handed out another round of sickness pills before the arrival of the minibus and we set off towards Waterloo station on schedule.

The 'Joy Ride' travel sickness pills worked an absolute treat. Not only did we all travel the whole way without feeling in the least nauseous but I actually travelled through the whole Eurostar journey backwards! I couldn't believe how good they were, usually I wouldn't have lasted more than 5 seconds facing the wrong way on a journey, if in fact I had even made it though the minibus trip beforehand.

I had thought I might catch up on some sleep throughout the journey but I guess I'm just too nosey to close my eyes for long so I took advantage of some time on the Eurostar and fitted a few quick passenger sketches in between excited chit chat.

Our hotel collected our luggage from the Eurostar but checking in wasn't until after 3pm, so we wasted no time at all and headed directly towards the Disneyland entrance.
What an entrance! Stepping beyond the gates was like being zapped into another world.

Pigment liner and watercolour pencil in W&N Artist journal

Entering Frontierland was like being zapped all over again, rustic wood huts, log cabins, crates, cannons and jagged rocks created the scene and even the atmosphere and climate seemed to change. Here I opted out of yet another train ride and took a few moments to sketch a section of the Thunder Mountain roller coaster.

We had our evening meal at Planet Hollywood where I indulged in the largest rack of ribs I have ever seen. When we ordered dessert I asked the waiter if he could pop a candle into the selection as a celebration for my Mums 60th birthday...a little white lie as her Birthday wasn't until the 5th but I wanted her to celebrate each day we were there. Shortly after my request, a waitress appeared and stood my Mum upon a chair in full view of the whole restaurant before screaming...yes literally screaming ...Happy Birthday to her.
Mum turned a little scarlet in the cheeks but deep down I think she rather enjoyed it!


Dave said...

Great sketches, especially given that you were suffering from sleep deprivation! Thunder Mountain is my favourite ride...somewhere I've got a great photograph of me and Sarah on it. That's about as scary as I can manage, but at least you're always facing the right way!

Robyn said...

I've been looking forward to these sketches, Anita. I can't work out how you actually are able to stop and sketch, I guess it's focus. I need to get some of that! I love the little frontier land cabin.

Lynn said...

These are great! What a lovely way to commemorate your trip. How nice that your mom wanted to "celbrate" every day. Good advice!

Anita said...

Thanx Dave, yes, the sleep and the excitement made concentrating rather difficult!
I LOVE thunder mountain too, fantastic ride!

Anita said...

Thankyou Robyn.
I didn't exactly stop to sketch...I just made sure I got my sketchbook out whenever I did stop...If you see what I mean? I just try to use every opportunity I can, like when someone needs a toilet visit and I'm stood waiting for a few moments, when someone is on a ride I have opted out of, when we sit for a refreshing drink..etc...
I didn't manage to sketch as much as I'd have liked but it was a family holiday and I think they put up with enough from me all year without having to wait for me on holiday in such an exciting place.

Anita said...

Thankyou Lynn. I wanted Mum to feel special and I think she did.
We are going away on a girlie weekend to finish her Birthday celebrations in June, my treat to her...A bit late considering her Birthday was May 5th but I'm sure we won't let a silly detail like that get in our way! LOL!

phthaloblu said...

A great start to your trip! Great sketches, too.

Anita said...

Thanks Phthaloblu!