Wednesday, March 7

PARSON DROVE, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. UK

Today I met with my good friend Joan and we set off to Parson Land, Wisbech to sketch 'The Cage'.
The Cage was built in 1829 by John Peck as an overnight lock up for local criminals and animals as well as housing a fire pump for 95 years. It has now been restored by the Parish Council and is operating as a visitors centre.

Lge moleskin, watercolour & sepia pitt pen

Oddly, the jailhouse had a clock tower added to it to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897, just like the clock tower in my previous post about Doddington Village.
Joan and I suffered the cold and battled through our sketches, turning a few degrees to our left to capture the quaint little cottage attached to the Swan Inn, which I have nicknamed 'Swan Cottage'.

Joan and I sketching in Parson Drove with Swan Cottage just behind me.

The Cage - Parson Drove, Wisbech

At around 1pm we could brave the cold no longer and drove just up the road to 'The Butchers Arms' public house to grab a hot coffee and something to eat. You can imagine how pleased we were to find a real log fire burning on our arrival. Our good friend Diane joined us and while we chatted I managed a quick sketch of the fireplace.
Lge Moleskin, coloured pencil & pigment liner
We returned to the little cottage next to the Swan Inn briefly so Joan could finish her sketch but decided to sit in the comfort of the truck this time!


Anonymous said...

Anita - Fantastic memory of our lovely day together - and lunch at the Butchers Arms. Must let you have my full sketch of the Nursery Rhyme cottage - no one would believe someone lives in it??


Anita said...

Thanx Joan!
It was a lovely day...cold...but lovely none-the-less.