Friday, March 16

FOX'S MARINA, March, Cambridgeshire. UK

On Tuesday I got a call from my photographer friend Rob Morris saying he had taken the day off work and was out and about in the glorious sunshine taking photographs. Sadly Tuesday turned out to be pretty busy for me and I could only manage to join him for an hour in the afternoon with my large moleskin sketchbook.

We spent our hour at Fox's Marina in March

The longboat I sketched didn't have a name, at least there wasn't one visible, which is a shame. 'Rainbow' was parked to the left of the boat I sketched and is the boat I sketched last year when I visited the marina, it hadn't changed at all.

Like swift water, an active mind never stagnates - Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

Another lovely sketch...looks like a pretty spot. Wish I could get out in today's sun, but I'm too busy.

Anita said...

Thanx Dave. Shame you couldn't make it out today, I couldn't either...Housework! I did manage to prep a canvas though. It was lovely here this morning but turned a little windy this afternoon which has now picked up speed considerably. I am doing the 13th worldwide sketchcrawl tomorrow so I hope it 'blows' over by morning - Cross your fingers for me!